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Finite volume method simulation of solids transport, melting, and metering in single screw extruders. Supports conventional single-flighted screws, barrier screws of Maillefer / Uniroyal and parallel flight (MC3 / Barr and Dray and Lawrence) designs, and screws with mixing (blister ring, Maddock or Egan) elements. Results include solid bed profile, pressure build-up and bulk temperature along the screw axis, along with extruder output, power requirement, torque and average residence time. NEXTRUCAD replaces our original extrusion simulation package EXTRUCAD.


CALCUTRUDE LITE version is currently available (pressure drops, shear rates, shear stresses and temperature rise in dies).

Full version in progress (extruder output, torque, energy, calendering, extrudate swell, extensional viscosity and much more).


Determination of polydispersity measures from rheological data.


Based on the Finite Difference Method, chillWARE Cooling Simulation allows a detailed calculation of cooling processes for extruded plastic products. chillWARE assists you to increase energy efficiency of cooling processes or solve problems regarding product quality, e.g. determination of residual stresses and degree of crystallization. It is also possible to calculate optimized output rates for a given cooling section configuration.

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Ever since we started using the OpenFOAM (www.openfoam.org) for fully 3D simulations we have "retired" several of our 2D software packages which have served POLYDYNAMICS INC and its numerous customers around the world.

Software products developed and licensed in the past:

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