What is RheoMWD?

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It is well known that the rheological properties of polymer melts depend strongly on the molecular structure (molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, and long chain branching). RHEOMWD is a program which deals with the inverse problem of determining MWD from rheological data. This inverse problem is mathematically ill-posed and extremely difficult.

What methods does RheoMWD use to estimate polydispersity?

RheoMWD contains two methods that can be used to estimate the polydispersity of a sample. The first estimates the polydispersity index MW/MN from viscosity versus shear rate data. The second computes the values of four different polydispersity measures from frequency response data in the linear viscoelastic region. These measures are: Crossover Point Index, Dow Rheology Index, High Elasticity Index, and Global Distribution Index.

Frequency response data

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