On this page we present several papers by Polydynamics' president John Vlachopoulos and associates, covering general topics related to polymer processing.

Mathematical Modeling of Sintering of Two Cylinders in Fused Filament Fabrication (PDF)

Presented by John Vlachopoulos at the Europe-Africa Regional Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS2019), November 18-21, 2019, Pretoria, South Africa.


Innovations in Production of Corrugated Pipes (PDF)

Presented by John Vlachopoulos at the 19th Plastic Pipes Conference (PPXIX), September 24-26, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Role of Rigid PVC Rheology in Pipe Extrusion (PDF)

Presented by John Vlachopoulos at the Mason Award Symposium of the Canadian Society of Rheology (CSR/SCR), May 20, Montreal, Canada (2015).


Particle Coalescence (Sintering) in Polymer Processing and Beyond (PDF)

Presented by John Vlachopoulos at the Polymer Processing Society Congress (PPS 2014) in honor of Zehev Tadmor, October 19-23, Tel Aviv, Israel (2014).  


Rheology: From Homer and Heraclitus Through Greek (Liquid) Fire to Problem Solving in the Polymer Processing Industry (PDF)

Presented by John Vlachopoulos at the Hellenic Society of Rheology (HSR), July 7-8, Iraklion, Crete, Greece (2014).


Blown Film Dies (PDF)

Published by J. Vlachopoulos, R. Castillo, N. Polychronopoulos and S. Tanifuji, Chapter 5 in Design of Extrusion Forming Tools, p. 141-168, O.S. Carneiro and M. Nóbrega (Eds.), Smithers Rapra, London, UK (2012)


Flat Film and Sheet Dies (PDF)

Published by J. Vlachopoulos, N. Polychronopoulos, S. Tanifuji and J. Peter Müller, Chapter 4 in Design of Extrusion Forming Tools, p. 113-140, O.S. Carneiro and M. Nóbrega (Eds.), Smithers Rapra, London, UK (2012)


Computational Analysis and Design of Single Screw Extruders Having Screws of Complex Geometry with Mixing Elements (PDF)

Presented by Nickolas Polychronopoulos at the Society of Plastics Engineers EUROTEC Conference, 14 - 15 November, Barcelona, Spain (2011). To  view the presentation click here .


An Assessment of Energy Savings Derived from Mechanical Recycling of Polyethylene versus New Feedstock (PDF)

A report prepared by John Vlachopoulos for The World Bank (Version 3.2), November 5 (2009).


A Study of Viscoelasticity and Extrudate Distortions of Wood Polymer Composites (PDF)

Published in Rheol. Acta, April 2007, vol. 46, pp. 773 - 783


Aerodynamics of Blown Film Bubble Cooling (PDF)

Published in Jap. Soc. Pol. Proc. Journal (SEIKEI KAKOU), 2003, vol. 15, no. 11, pp. 740-744


The Role of Rheology in Polymer Extrusion (PDF)

Presented at the "New Technologies for Extrusion" conference in Milan Italy, November 20 & 21, 2003


Overview of Polymer Processing (PDF)

Published in Materials Science and Technology, September 2003, vol. 19, no. 9, pp. 1161-1169


Basic Heat Transfer and Some Applications in Polymer Processing (PDF)

Published as a book chapter in Plastics Technician's Toolbox, vol. 2, pp. 21-33, SPE 2002


Recent Progress and Future Challenges in Computer-Aided Polymer Processing and Design (PDF)

Presented at the ATV-Semapp Meeting, Denmark, February 1998


Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Calendering (PDF)

Chapter in Transport Phenomena in Polymeric Systems (R.A. Mashelkar, Editor), 79-104, Ellis Horwood/Halsted/Wiley (1989)


John Vlachopoulos - Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (PDF, 808 pages textbook)

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